Feel the Connection

Low Tide Aliens


Low Tide Aliens is a non-profit organization comprised of artists facilitating the connection between earthlings and their planet through interactive beach art, operating on the premise that a dual solution of art with nature is an affective remedy to the growing problem of human disconnection and environmental contamination.


Low Tide Aliens seeks to connect humans of all ages to nature and art by inviting them to the water’s edge to enjoy an interactive experience of creating a large-scale, temporary art piece in the sand.  Here they will connect with the natural cycles of the moon and tides, find and orient themselves within the design, understand the transient nature of beauty and art, align with mother earth and disconnect from ego, relieve tension, relax and heal the mind and body through grounding barefoot in the sand, stimulate creative thinking and problem solving by the practice of working in groups for a common goal, learn about sacred geometry and ancient healing rituals, gain a new sense of harmony and perspective and have fun, enjoy the moment and learn to let go.  A human connected to themselves and nature in this way, moves forward into the world with a bigger picture, having more reverence for our planet and of the human impact on the environment.